InstantPot March Madness Challenge

facebook group instantpot recipes Mar 02, 2021

Every day for the entire month of March I am challenging myself to use my InstantPot. 

Have you been somewhat intimidated like I have to use it more often, or maybe even get it out from that cabinet it’s been hiding in since you got it?

I get it. I was the same way until the pandemic, and then everything changed and I had enough. I had enough with trying to think of what to make and I had enough of take out. This made me start using my InstantPot more, but now that we are (hopefully) bringing this pandemic to a close, I wanted to help you break free from going back to old habits or from hiding your InstantPot. I want to encourage you to come out of the proverbial InstantPot closet and feel confident about using yours in this post-pandemic future. 

That’s why I decided to “try” to use my IntantPot EVERY DAY for the entire month of March 2021. 

Welcome to my InstantPot March Madness Challenge!

Just Click the Image Below to take you to the Blog Post with that day's recipe & video on it! Don't forget to PIN IT to Pinterest to save for later!

Day 1 - Stuffed Pepper Stew

Day 2 - No-Fuss Hard-Boiled Eggs

Day 3 - Easy Apple Crisp

Day 4 - The BEST Baked Ziti

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