10 Tips for Planning a Romantic Couples Glamping Getaway

camping glamping love romance Feb 26, 2021

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We've been thinking about ways we can share with you tips or ways to make your memories & moments planning your upcoming glamping/camping trips. Over the years, DJ and I have gone on many trips by ourselves to enjoy some alone time together. They have been some of the most romantic in our marriage. Going on couples trips together in nature has also allowed us to know each other’s personalities better, and given us some of our best memories as a couple. Below are ten of the ways we’ve made our couples glamping/camping trips more romantic and special. I hope these tips will allow you to also feel more connected and make your trips with your loved one special as well.

Breakfast Dates instead of Dinner Dates.

Ask your partner to handle making breakfasts when you’re glamping/camping together. This is an easy way to give them away to pamper you but also to get a good meal early in the day for whatever adventures await you.

To make your breakfast feel like a date is to make it as simple as possible with the benefit of some easy touches that feel romantic. If your site has a wood-burning stove even better, skip the firepit and get the wood-burning stove going. Be sure to have 1 to 2 stainless steel or cast iron pans to make your breakfast from the top of the stove. Eggbeaters and the small Bisquick ShakeNPour are great ways to have a full course breakfast without taking the extra space in your cooler. Precut some of your favorite fruit and pack what you need for mimosas and there you have it! Morning Dates instead of Dinner Dates.

Cozy up by the Campfire.

Having a romantic staycation glamping isn’t easy to do if cozying up by the campfire with your loved one isn’t possible because you’re sitting in separate camping chairs. Consider getting a fold-up loveseat chair for your trip or contacting your camp keepers to what type of seating is available around the fire. If you don’t want to purchase an additional chair, once at the site, look for a decent size log to lay on one side of the campfire area. Bring several extra blankets & pillows you won’t use to sleep. Create a cozy area close enough to enjoy the campfire, but far enough away to avoid the blankets from catching fire. This way you can be close around the fire and enjoy some ambers of passion together.

Learn more about each other's Astrology Signs while Stargazing.

This is a fun way for you and your lover to get to know each other a little deeper. You probably have done a google search already on how your partner’s astrology sign syncs with yours but have you ever sat and shared it with one another and searched for the constellation? You can either choose to do the search prior and print it out or use Astrology.com’s Love Compatibility tool, and then download the SkyView Lite app to be able to locate the Zodiac constellations. This is a fun conversation starter to learn more about your partner.

Make each other SMORES. (feed each other too!)

SMORES are a staple of every glamping/camping trip but for a romantic twist ask your partner to make yours for you and you will make theirs. Then feed them to each other. Not only is this a fun way to learn what they like (burnt or toasted), but it also will be a great way to laugh together because SMORES can never be eaten on your own without getting sticky. 

Pack a Picnic for your Hike.

This is one of my favorites and possibly because of the anticipation it creates while you are both working together on a hike to make it to your destination. Packing a picnic lunch for you and your loved one is not a new idea. The reason packing a picnic adds a level of romance to a couples glamping/camping trip is it allows you to use all your senses for something that in today’s world rarely happens. Years ago the only way to gain sustenance was to pack your food for a long journey, there were no restaurants or subscription box deliveries. Pack a lunch of your favorites, perhaps your partner will even carry it in their backpack for the trip. Once the hike is at its peak, enjoy what you prepared for each other. Be sure to pack snacks for breaks along the way.

Put up Twinkle Lights in your tent.

You can find all sorts of led battery-powered twinkle & fairy lights to create a candle-lit effect inside your tent & around your glamping site. This is an easy, safe way to set the mood for whatever the weather happens to be during your stay. To add even more of a candle feel, use old canning jars to place around the floor of the tent and fill them with the fairy lights. This creates reflections on the walls of the tent. You can never go wrong with mood lighting.

Create a 20 Questions Journal.

All relationships go through seasons where you feel like you don’t know each other, whether it’s at the beginning of the relationship or if you’re struggling through a rough patch somewhere in the middle. Planning to use your glamping/camping trip to reconnect is a great way to bring back the closeness in your relationship. Start a 20 question journal where you each take turns writing down a question you want to know about the other person’s life, hopes, dreams, fears. Take turns passing the journal back and forth to write down the answer and then share it out loud. This is a great conversation starter and a way to work through differences to better understand your partner’s perspectives.

Switch Places for Camp Chores.

If you’re avid glampers/campers you know that even camping with perks has things you end up doing that require work. Do you and your partner have “set” chores? Does she get lunch prepared? Does he make the campfires? Who runs for ice for the cooler or collects more firewood? Decide to switch places for the next camping/glamping trip and spend a trip in the other person’s shoes. Don’t be afraid to ask each other for help or questions on how it’s done, and don’t be afraid to laugh at your fumbles together.

Do Something Competitive.

Everything from a fun night of playing cards or going kayaking can create a feeling of competitiveness. As long as both of you are good sports, doing something competitive can feel exhilarating with the person you love. Be willing to concede and also be willing to have a little fun when your partner wins. Doing something competitive isn’t about you winning, it’s about celebrating each other’s strengths and being there for each other’s weaknesses.

Zip Together Sleeping Bags.

If your glamping/camping site doesn’t provide bedding and you have your own plan on bringing something that also allows you to sleep together. Consider purchasing matching sleeping bags that allow you to zip them together instead of being zipped up separately. Or bring some nice bedding along with you. If your relationship is at this place of cozying up together then don’t sleep under the stars zipped closed from the one you love. 

I hope you have found these tips helpful in planning your future glamping or camping getaway with your partner. I’d love to hear any ideas you have or if you would like me to share more about the items we use or the process for any of the tips I’ve shared. Feel free to send me a DM on our Instagram or email us with questions about this blog post at [email protected], we love talking with you.
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