Herbal Tea House

Are you someone who seeks to find simpler solutions to self-care when supporting your moods, anxiety, and hormonal wellness?

All items on this page are created to support women in the seasons of life where it can be hard to figure out what mother nature is doing to your body, mind, and soul. We take a holistic approach to encouraging women in seeking freedoms within their health, emotions, and self love.

All of The Thunderbird Farm loose leaf tea blends are developed with supporting you naturally through seasonal transitions in mind. We use only ethically grown herbs and ingredients. All of our ingredients are provided to encourage education and transparency. There are no "secrets" to our recipes.

The Thunderbird Farm Women's Communities focus on developing ways for women to encourage one another through reconnection to themselves and others through local farm events and rejuvenating virtual education.

Tea Kits will make at least 2 gallons or 10 individual servings.

To receive the full herbal support from our teas, steep in warm to hot water first. Sun teas can remain out for 6 to 8 hours. Individual servings steep 2-3 minutes or until it is the desired color for your liking.

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