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We know what it's like to have REALLY AMAZING KIDDOs who need enrichment in their interests to remain engaged with whatever you call "regular school"...

So if you're...

worried your kiddo is going through a "school is just school blah phase"

or you just started virtual or homeschool & your curriculum hasn't arrived yet,

struggling to find unique filler enhancement curriculum in History, Science or Art,

or like we have felt, you're tired of it feeling like you're the only parent who continues to try to encourage your kiddos learning by looking outside the box...

We got you with this community!




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Enrichment Curriculum We're Working on for 2020-21


Northeastern Indigenous People & History

Learn about the indigenous people who once lived & settled on our farm and the surround areas of the Northeast. 

Dutch Colonialism & Legends

Ever wonder what it was like to be one of the first settlers of the United States? Learn about their superstitions, legends & fokelore.

Citizen Science with a Future Astronaut

Our oldest, Izzy on Mars, will teach you all about astronomy, forests, streams, and how we keep science a part of every day life.

The Sounds & Art of Nature

Can a forest talk or could you make music spending time outdoors? Fun ways to find the art and music all around you.

**The non-fine print: As a Founder of Thunderbird Farm School, you will gain access to the first course content on September 11th, 2020. As long as you keep your subscription active, you'll have access to any new course content added for the almost $50 savings membership of $27.95 a month. 

TERMS: Thunderbird Farm School is not a certified homeschooling course, it is meant for enriching your student's state's required virtual, homeschool, or in-person curriculum. Thunderbird Farm School is based off activities for ages 5 through 17, and it is up to the administrator/guardian of the content to transfer to the appropriate age level of their student using the content. It is not based on any required curriculum & should be used for enrichment education. The Thunderbird Farm and its beneficiaries are no liable for any educational discrepancies or liabilities of the parent or guardian who is purchasing this content. You must be a US citizen & at least 18 years of age to purchase this product. Membership is non-refundable or transferable.

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