Summer Craft Ideas: For Adults!

patreon summer tea Jun 29, 2023

Are you looking for a fun way to reconnect with friends this summer?

Consider throwing an adult crafting party! Not only is this a great way to spend time with loved ones, but it also allows you to tap into your creative side and make something beautiful together.

To get started, choose a craft everyone can enjoy, like the list below. Set up a creative space with all the necessary supplies, and consider providing snacks and drinks to keep your guests fueled throughout the event. Don't forget to take plenty of photos to remember the occasion.

With a bit of planning, your summer crafting party for adults will be a hit and a memorable way to spend time with friends.

Here are a few crafty ideas your adult friends will love (and if need be a kiddo craft table can be made just as easily too!)

  1. Knitting or crocheting
  2. Painting or drawing
  3. Scrapbooking or card making
  4. Sewing or quilting
  5. Woodworking or carpentry
  6. Candle-making or soap making
  7. Pottery or ceramics
  8. Jewelry-making or beading
  9. Embroidery or cross-stitching
  10. Leatherworking or bookbinding.

Not sure what to serve? Here are a few sure-win crafting party foods your friends will love! Or make it a potluck to take off the pressure.

  1. Fruit skewers: Thread a variety of fresh fruits onto skewers for a colorful and healthy snack.
  2. Veggie platter: Serve a platter of fresh vegetables with a dip for a satisfying and refreshing snack.
  3. Sandwiches: Offer a selection of sandwiches with different fillings, such as chicken salad, cucumber and cream cheese, and turkey and avocado.
  4. Cheese and crackers: Set out a variety of cheeses and crackers for a simple yet delicious snack.
  5. Popsicles: Cool off with some homemade or store-bought popsicles in different flavors.
  6. Lemonade: Serve a pitcher of fresh lemonade for a refreshing and classic summer drink.
  7. Iced tea: Offer a variety of iced teas, such as our Pina Colada Rooibos Tea with a splash of coconut creamer over ice or our fan-favorite Strawberry Delight with freshly sliced limes!
  8. Watermelon slices: Cut up a watermelon into slices for a sweet and juicy snack.
  9. S'mores: Set up a s'mores station with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows for a fun and tasty DIY dessert.

Summer is full of fun ways to reconnect with the outdoors. Consider this as a way to encourage your adult friends to reconnect with their child side and boost your vitamin D along with your Creativity!