Welcome to The Thunderbird Farm.

We’re The Moyers and this farm and land mean so much to us. We are so happy to invite you to be a part of our farm’s legacy and inspire you to create an everyday life filled with modern nostalgia. We believe our farm will allow you to reconnect and reimagine your relationship with nature, with your heritage, and with your creativity. We know once you step foot on this land it will invite you in and refresh your mindset just like it does for us.

This farm has been a part of both Genavieve & DJ Moyer's family ancestry for generations, leading all the way back to Genavieve’s indigenous and colonizing roots. Both a descendant of the native Iroquois who settled along the northern mountains of the area and the first colonists connected to William Penn. Although this farm has seen its share of those who have tilled the fields over the past 150 years, we know we are only the current stewards of this land that was once encamped by local Algonquin tribes of Lenni Lenape. The way we honor both our ancestors of Indigenous descent and of those of Dutch heritage is by sharing with you their stories, artistry, history, and beliefs. They are the start of the legacy of our farm, and it is important to us you know the truths of the beginning as well as the beauty of it today.

DJ is Genavieve’s husband, he is an auto mechanic & electro-mechanic by trade, however, his love for this farm is deep-rooted in his blood. After WWII, his grandfather, a PA Dutch farmer’s son, purchased this farm and began his part of the land’s legacy. DJ remembers many tractor rides with his grandfather, stories of angry bulls, and jokes about how brown cows make chocolate milk. DJ’s dream was to someday take over the farm himself, but his grandfather retired and eventually was lost to Alzheimer’s. When the chance came for him & Genavieve to use a piece of the farm to create a retreat site for you, he didn’t hesitate to say yes. He knew his grandfather would be proud, that the areas that aren’t being farmed were also used to benefit his family. DJ loves that he gets to share a piece of his grandfather’s love for his farm with you. He works hard to create scared spaces for you as our guests and is dedicated to adding pieces of comfort that allow you to feel welcome.

Genavieve & DJ also have two children, Izzy and Dennis the 3rd. Having started their family young, and with very little, Genavieve & DJ spent a lot of summers camping with Izzy & D3. It was the most financially possible, but also created the most opportunities for connection. They believe it is the one thing they did right as parents and will encourage you as a parent to make the effort to connect your children to the outdoors through camping as a tradition. You’ll find scattered throughout what they offer on the farm ways to include children into learning the heritage, experience nature, and bring a piece of it home. As Izzy and D3 have grown, the influence of the farm and camping on them has made them passionate about sharing pieces of what they love with others. Both Izzy & D3 love the outdoors, from hiking, geocaching, and fishing. Izzy creates whimsical crochet gnomes & woodland creatures that share the farms heritage and stories. D3 is regularly a part of creating videos or photography used on the website and social media.

Lastly, because it is a “family farm” you’ll see the extensions of our family on occasion. Everyone from our dog, Apollo to DJ’s Mom and Dad who help out with our grand plans, and even a friend or two. 

The mission of The Thunderbird Farm is to inspire you to reimagine and reconnect with the legacy and nostalgia of the “family farm” so that more of the modern world can see the importance of preserving the past while reimagining the future. We know this is possible when you book a retreat at one of our sites, are a part of a workshop, visit our up-cycle tent, or take home a piece of our handwork. We want you to be a part of this dream and journey so that The Thunderbird Farm will not only leave a legacy but continue one.

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